Tuesday, December 30, 2008


well, the day after xmas i ran outta oxy..they would be closed for the next few days and i like to keep jammin.. i had been doing weave prep for a few days, so i had weaves but no oxy... i decided to give my pal Jason Lee a call and see what his weekend looked like and if he was down to do a lil collab.. he was finishin up a few xmas gifts then be done for 08.... we decided to jam out some slides for a fun low pressure last of 08 collab...

we havent collabed in a while, more than a year now, on a set that was just us.(we got down with eusheen in june)..and i havent worked at LGW in 6 months... so it ws nice to get out of the garage and spend the weekend with j and marcel....

also, marcel helped me build a set of rollers, and i got to do some of my first welding..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

smoked LA

a few pics from our trip down for the book release "smoked volume 1" which i had a couple pieces in.. the exhibit and release was held on melrose at Illadelph..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


last month..i went for SOFA and "suck on it" the former to photograph for the philly crew and silica gallery..and the latter, i had some pieces in..it was freezing and windy, but my first time in chicago..its a big city, fun cab rides.. we stayed at an awesome house in oldtown and were on the navy pier most of the time, which sucked..it was like being at an awful mall with only a food court and souvenier stores...but SOFA itself was very inspiring. so much work there, great to see so much stuff artistic stuff being created by hand..my favorite work at the show by far was April Surgents cameo panels.. very calming and serene..

had a nice gathering at the "lotus keep" gallery where the suck on it show was held..it was packed..almost tough to see the pieces..also had a good time till 4am at the chicago hot glass shop watchin some peeps rage it at the furnace..

i also saw cheech and chong with bearclaw, ceasar of manchu's, kurt b and dosher.. it was fun..the whole experience of coin flips, scalping and cab rides more so than the actual show..

right before catching my train i walked around downtown and snapped some pictures and got to see the bean... as much as tourist it made me feel, i loved the reflections... it was really cool..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MTA piece in LA river

i went to LA for a glass event, but this MTA piece in the LA river is my favorite thing i saw.. next to the 1st st. bridge..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

back to cali

sdecember sunshine is wonderful... had a great time at the party last night...met a whole bunch of artists and collectors i hadnt met..and saw the usual bunch of villians i usually associate with on these trip...

by about 1am my wife, me and some old friends kempy and ricky from here ended up at the silverlake lounge, and to our pleasure it was mexican gay and tranny night, complete with live performances...honestly.. amazing!!! an energizing and refreshlingly spontaneous moment of life...thank you glamour night..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

on the road again..

well..another road trip.. dizzle and pakoh are just through portland, on their way from seattle.. pickin me up, then to LOS angeles!!! pretty much the greatest city on earth..and worst.. caitlin is flying in thurs night and on friday we celebrate the new book!! i will be takin lots of pics..

excited to see my glass family..and my biological family as well!!