Wednesday, November 24, 2010


first time in 18 months it has snowed here.. when you have to deal with the cold anyway, and dont need to drive, the snow is amazing!!! its a sound and feeling of time stopping.. so silent.. when it first began to fall(around midnight) the train was passing so you could here silence and the train wheels at the same time.. mesmerizing.. it came in fast, and i knew it would melt fast, so i went out right as it first came in, then got up early to go enjoy it before it all melted..

click the pictures to enlarge...(much nicer)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

World Champion

this set was inspired by stripes you get as a world champion in cycling.. originally i just loved the Colnago logo, which usually features the stripes diagonally.. i started looking into it and discovered the world champ thing and the drama rocking these colors in biking can bring if you're not the champ.. it was all pretty intriguing.. these stripes signified all the nations in the world at the time and they stand for "passion,faith,victory,work ethic, and sportsmanship..."

champ set










self portrait