Saturday, February 28, 2009

back in the emerald city

well, its that time of year... time for the seattle pipe show at the downtown glassblowing center of course..

caitlin and i drove up yesterday..showed up in ballard and the party had already started... i was too tired (unmotivated) to take pics ..but today, my shutter will b to come..have a great weekend..chris

Friday, February 20, 2009

morning glory

well, my favorite breakfast joint in town is "morning glory" across from the train station.. besides the great vegetarian/vegan options and awesome cafe man coffee... they usually are playing great music, and most of the time, i havent heard of it, or heard it somewhere and loved it, but didnt know who it was...bout a year ago, i learned about "beirut" who i love, and last week i learned about "neutral milk hotel"..well today was no i heard the quirkiest voice comin from the speaker... i was instantly in love with it...her name is "joanna newsom"'s a little video i found.. it seems i love indie music...the purity is refreshing to my soul...haha..

Joanna Newsom - Sprout and the Bean

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

rebel8 blog

has a couple pics of mike giant and his partner josh, puttin the bubbler i made mike to use...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

SF Giant

so, on friday of last week, i checked the Rebel8 blog and Mike Giant had just posted about having a 4:20 party the next day on the last day of his residency at upper playgrounds 419 haight st studio.. well, i was part way into a prototype i was making for seeing this, i saw an opportunity to go test it out with him, instead of just sending it down..if i could finish it that day, get it out of the kiln at 5am, and drive straight to san fransisco...

.well, thats what happened... i made to Dwrecks place in the sunset district by about 3:30 and we took a puff, then hopped on the train with his new roomie todd on our way to lower haight...

showed up and mike was super mellow and down to earth, and a stoner!! we were right at home..he seemed super stoked on the bub, and we got to pass it around...very fun... then we checked out a photo show from some of the Rebel8 posse..

on sunday, we hit the shop for a lil, then to bob burn1's for some smoked goodies from the grill, a super sesh, and the super bowl...then back to the shop for a lil collab with derek...

monday i met mike down at the studio to recieve some gear he hooked me up with, then i took a walk around town, ending up at the sf modern art museum... then more walking, then the bart to berkely , back to dwrecks studio...

tuesday morning hit the road back..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

in SF dwrecks right now... i'm gonna go eat some breakfast ,then off to berkeley to blow some glass, then to burn1's for some smoked ribs for them, salmon for me..nice..will post pics when i get home..