Thursday, January 1, 2015

Art Basel 2014

My first trip to Art Basel and we had the "Contemporary Pipemaking" pop up show through Habatat Gallery in Wynwood. It was a stimulating and exhausting trip. From crack motels and shared beds and couches, to rooftop penthouses and beachside villas, the cops ran over and killed Dems for graffiti, A Picasso plate was stolen, and my sherlock from the last Habatat show was worn as a pendant, then accidentally broken the next day, saw a car crash, had great vegan breakfast and juice each morning on 70 something and biscayne and walked about 10 miles a day, also got stuck in the crazy traffic jam created by the police brutality protests.. i was proud of them.. It was life changing and I'm excited to go back. Heres my trip in roughly chronological order.. photos taken on my new fuji xt1 and mostly a 28mm lens. I will post the pipe show pics soon..