Thursday, July 31, 2008

amber purps smells like paint at my new shop!! kinda tough to deal with...we've gone to leave the fans on all the time... this post is mainly so i can learn to post my pics.. i've been intently workin on chip building, or basket weaves the last few days..i have 7 done, now the dilemma of how to incorporate them..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the day after

caitlin's biological dad passed yesterday, after much uncomfortable congregation at his bed side with disgruntled family members...he was absent most of her life, and she has had a wonderful step dad for 20 years..add it up and it makes for some awkwardness...definite life experience...

stella and i are happy to have her back in the eug.

my project for the book is coming along slowly, i usually have a hard time actually deciding on how to build my piece, i usually only use black and white, so it would seem easy, but it seems harder, i want to be original everytime, but i also know i should represent myself as best i can, so i find myself tryin to figure out which patterns i like best from my old work...not usually my m.o. but this piece is different.. and no matter what, i dont get paid for at least 6 months cuz it has to be sent out and photographed and such... i'm used to doing all that, its gonna be weird to just send off a piece, to be reuinited at a show later..growing up i guess...and the timidness of the show and book not living up to its claims, or not happening at all... cynicism can override hopefulness at any given moment.. chris.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

one month left

till caitlin and i get married...exciting and scary...

it seems we keep just enough action in our life with family and glassblowing that we havent went crazy yet..

she's my hit from the bong, my shot of whiskey...

i'm working on my set of pieces for nate purcell's "smoked" book today, this week..

oh i'm feelin directionless, yes..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hooked on tegan and tegan

july 22 2008

i'm blogging... i started this once 2005 i think...

i hope to add pictures at least weekly, make this interesting for anyone who might peruse..but mostly for myself... maybe i'll spill my guts, maybe i'll find the strength to open my jelly jar of emotion..haha..mostly i just want to post fun pictures i take, and document the events i attend.. chris.