Monday, September 29, 2008

back in the eug.

7010 miles later, back home... here's a trip summary... well, i started writing a detailed story, but i decided i'll just let the pictures do the talking.. needless to say, caitlin and i did great stuck in the car for three weeks..gotta give thanks with words to.. yellowstone and all its amazing natural sites and animals, the scariest 2 am, 2 hour, 20 mph, 10000 ft snowy wyoming mountain pass, markushio and crew of illuzions in omaha nebraska, beth and cowboy and 24 hour colllabing and games of horse with his kids(won one, lost one), al and crew at C&G in kansas city, missouri for the warmest welcome ever, to the st. louis arch having no bathroom, but arriving at sunset, so i had to take pics and make caitlin hold it, nana and papap in pittsburgh and cigarettes in the basement and some amazing quaker oat girls(they'll get a blog of they're own), to the pennsyllvania turnpike for courteously taking 23 dollars, to the amazing philly crew, sling for giving us reign of the house, snic giving us an amazing tour of the city he grew up in, and getting to randomly run into every philly person i know, on each trip to another killer restaraunt with fake veggie goodness, to the biker boy who wheelied into the lincoln tunnel as we entered NYC, perfect. to joe and natasha for takin us to their favorite soho haunts and getting us fed and loaded, to a $9.50 pack of smokes and walking with caitlin and stella in 80 degree weather at 1 am on times square, to one flat tire in mass, to the bern gallery and kakaw chris with the cas eof ben & jerry's. dosh, luken, cowboy, snic, bearclaw, freek, pakoh, eusheen, george, scott, and marcel for the pleasure of blowing glass with you guys.. to steve at opm for taking my piece back to rhode island, jon, wendy,cory, aliza, joggin, jeh, and the rest of the toro family, what a great final stop, i've been dreamin bout makin those for a long time, i t was better than i hoped! a huge thank you to my little brown wagon for trooping along with the odometer now sitting above 268,500...and last but not least, my beautiful wife, for being the perfect teammate, for making me feel ok about losing, and taking the wheel whenever i needed, yes!

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