Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Love Letter For You

a love letter for you by steven powers..

while in philly this summer i made sure to ride the el to the end of west philly and back to see this mural project by espo.. i didnt have the time to stop and take pictures at each one, so i took some video on my lil canon to get the daily riders perspective.. really awesome..


voorhees said...

I miss my love.

Anonymous said...

boo yahhh... ART to uplift! doesnt get any better!
thanks for sharing Chris

Taylor Jones said...

Can we do it for the Emx? The new Gateway line or the Franklin route? Just sayin', these people could use the same uplift.

chris carlson said...

i would love it.. but the decay and blight in philly really makes this project pertinent.. i have more video of in between the murals, where you can see how run down the neighborhoods bordering the train are.. but i had to edit it down to 90 seconds to fit on flickr.