Saturday, December 4, 2010


i hadn't done any basketweaves since my daughter was born 3 months ago.. i took almost 2 months off of glassblowing and when i started back up i just couldn't bring myself to do weaves.. wasnt ready for the commitment and the focus it took.. i did some one piecers, an encalmo set, then i lost(broke) a week long  encalmo double bubbler.. came back the next day and decided i was ready to start stackin chips again..

i've had these chips laying out since august, they were all arranged in the patterns i had set up months ago, but covered in dust..i cleaned them all by one. and re layed them out in new patterns, with a new level of patience that i didnt realize i had... i think these are my nicest weave work so far.. simple sherlocks, but really elegant, really clean, and really refreshing.. i love these pieces and loved making them...







Laaalawag said...
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L Wagner said...

Hey I love those sherlocks [if you're not already sending them out somewhere, I'd love to buy one if not all three].

Besides that, I'm the person who has been putting some of your stuff up on my tumblr I started recently. I want to make glass my business, and part of the reason is because of you. Your work specifically is some of the first I really fell in love with, and now I spend all my free time learning/looking at glass. Currently I am working on a business idea at school involving glass. I am really interested in talking to you about some of it and hearing your opinion. I would also love to have you participate in some of it at some point.

Anyways, I would love it if you could e-mail me because that's my most reliable means of contact at the moment. It's too bad blogspot and tumblr aren't compatible!

Anonymous said...

+Love, love, LOVE these!!