Thursday, February 2, 2012

Living. Glass. Works.

Went to Eugene last week to Collab with Marcel.. it's the first time I've worked at LGW since i moved.. I had an awesome, but freezing time.. these are just the pics from my trusty Ricoh.. we're not finished with set yet.. It was really fun to be in the shop with the crew, felt like old times but even better now that Dellene, Sara, Adam , and Squid are there.. all we needed was Dale!!!

wild turkey












Catherine said...

OMG...LOVE these pics! Are those turkeys walking down the road? The shots are all awesome & so Eugene. Love Darth Vadar :) I need to move up there & become one of the local artists..even if in a different medium. :)

Pistill said...

Amazing as always man :)

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