Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lostart Crates 2012

My first batch of crates for 2012. with two collabs from Marcel and I. These will be available at the AGE show in vegas.. In the C&G room. each comes with a matching shirt i printed as well..


crates 2

Marcel collab: comes with crate/tube/2 wrkd diffies/dome/slide/cup/sherly/trans/quartz nail.
LA-LGW collab

LA-LGW collab 2

LA-LGW collab 3

LA-LGW collab 4

LA-LGW collab 5

LA-LGW collab 6

Marcel mini collab
LA-LGW collab 7

LA-LGW collab 8

LA-LGW collab 9

163 piecer.
Lostart Crate 1

Lostart Crate 2

Lostart Crate 3

Lostart Crate 4

slime weave
Lostart Crate 5

Lostart Crate 6

Lostart Crate 7

Lostart Crate 8

Lostart Crate 9

Lostart Crate 10

Lostart Crate 11

Carlson/ Marcel




Pistill said...


Sheldon- Dubious? said...

Just gorgeous!

The marcel collab is almost too much to take in at once! Love it.

Hoping to see some other special crates soon! ;)