Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Treating Yourself. Toronto.

My first time in Canada. Really thankful to have been invited to participate in this demo. three teams of three went torch in a friendly competition. team #!( team no coast) included Brandon Martin, Big Z and Ben Burton, team #2(team clock radio) was Kurt B, Chad G, and JOP. Team #3( team we love Toronto) was Pakoh, Marcel and myself. Thanks to everyone involved. it was an adventure for all of us to get all our gear up there and get set up, but we all came together and pulled it off.. I hope to be invited back..

i was blowing glass most of the time, but i did my best to get pictures in between..

Glass blowing demo


Marcel (1)

cn tower

Max n Chris


Big Z, Burtoni, B.Mart

Brandon Martin

Big Z

Kurt B


Marcel, Pakoh

Me by Sarah

team clock radio

team clock radio (1)

night skyline

amsterdam brewery

alley entrance

Marcel, Pakoh, Carlson

indica blue


Kurt B, JOP, Chad G

Big Z, Burton, B Mart.


Sarah said...

well done chris. well done.

Catherine said...

Awesome photos!!!!!