Sunday, July 1, 2012

Europe on film (2004)

My brother Nick and I went to Europe in 2004.. At that time my only camera was a
Pentax K1000.Mostly shot with a fish eye lens. This trip really re-sparked my picture taking. I started blowing glass in 2001 and was completely consumed for a while.. I bought a small digital camera shortly after this trip and started documenting my glass.


london egg

post vortex

brussels racers

vatican giger

cinque juxta

vatican stairs

budapest tunnel

budapest metro4

lights of traffic

louvre pyramid

prague subway


vatty vortex

cinque terra stairs

you are to live, hatesucks

fisheye gondola

gondola harbor

roman silouette

pisa comparison

onemore dame

inside notre dame

eiffel tower


me and travel buds


great laugh

prague church

main st legs


W said...

Nice pics! I love that big spiral staircase at the Musei Vaticani. That place in mind-blowing...

Lauren jonczak said...

Wow, great pictures. I love that huge spiral staircase, it is really beautiful. I like the fish eye lens. I might want to start using that. It really gives your pictures life. Thanks for sharing!