Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Weaves!

My latest collection of work. The heady mini tube has 222 chips and 3 ringlets and is only 7.5" tall! its the most packed tube ive made yet.. also features a fully worked male to male diffy made of 28 chips and 6 ringlets.. The primary colored filla was done by Adam Reetz. Thanks for looking, Chris.

Lostart 034

Lostart 035

Lostart 036

Lostart 037

Lostart 038

Lostart 039

Lostart 040

Lostart 041

Lostart 042

Lostart 043

Lostart 044

Lostart 045

Lostart 046

Lostart 047

Lostart 048


Catherine said...

OMG Amazing!!!! And love the Lost Art logo!!

Thisguytravis said...

damn dude. mad props. ur weave is the best around

khaoohs said...

Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

What's the best way to get ahold of one of your basket weave sherlocks? I love em!

chris carlson said...

there is one available at https://42degreesglass.com/

Anonymous said...

Both sherlocks are really nice, one has an almost art
Deco pattern to my eye

Jake Fritz said...

Very amazing. I cant wait to learn.