Monday, August 16, 2010

Lost Art crate sets

my summer in a nutshell... or wooden crate..

This was a huge, more than month long project for me..  I wanted to make really nice, really involved pieces, and I wanted them to come in packaging that respected and protected all that time and work... I've been thinking of different ways to incorporate my new found passion for screen printing with my glass and this project was perfect.. I got to build and design stuff, and it protected my win. I hand drew the logo, got my first table saw, and with some help from Caitlin, got it all done in time for the CHAMPS trade show in vegas.. if you're there, check out the C&G booth..

1 comment:

Aaron said...

where can I contact you Chris about purchasing one of these? AMAZING! thats all i can say right now im speechless.