Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2000 miles and runnin'

I'm back from Los Angeles. It was an awesome week. First off I have many thanks to give. Jamie McGrew for riding down with me and letting me borrow the van. Sparkle Jones for the car. Meredith for the amazing place to stay. My mom and Paul for painting the sherlocks on the gallery walls. Blue for the reetz hat, the collab and riding back with me. Matt, Jeff, Kevin, Dustin, Courtney, Jeremy, Paul(kiefer) and the rest of the goosefire/high priority crew made it happen.. And of course thanks to my friends and collectors who made it out.. thanks so much for the support..

these are, once again, pictures taken with my lil Ricoh GRD3. in chronological order. I will have more pics of the show from my big camera, and from my brother Nick soon. thanks chris.

central Cali

Mark Gonzales



goosefire doors

me & mini

mini in reetz hat



vincent thomas bridge


San Pedro

crate pedestal





beach cait

sand trees

me cait beach

sand desert

mini long beach

mini silouette

so cal backyard


port of LA2


Kiefer Hyder said...

It was truly humbling to see you, your beautiful family & your amazing work displayed so properly! These photos have so much energy to them too, seriously vibing off them. Today Im going to pick up the sherly I bought, & I couldn't be more excited! YES! Thank You!

Catherine said...

It was AWESOME! I loved seeing you, Cait and Caroline and I loved helping out! :)

milt said...

Great to see you Cait, Caroline, your awesome work and your many loyal fans.

Hope to have some pictures for you real soon.

Anonymous said...

The Gonz!! Mark is the man

Anonymous said...

O shit it is the Gonz. Hahah probably only a few of us know who that is..

VRHS said...


The show looks great..very well done!

I wish I could have made it!