Thursday, December 15, 2011

Black & White friday pics

Pictures taken by my brother Nick and Dad on Black and White friday. the first 20 are Nick's..
Photos by Milt Carlson


Johnny said...

Pics came out awesome! It was great making out to the show and meeting ya. Keep on keepin' on Chris!

Sarah said...

sweet.. I wish Kurt and I could have been there to support you... damn east and west coasts. xo to you and your family.

Pistill said...

The photos are amazing Nick and Milt, thank you!!

Chris the show looked so incredible!

I'm with Sarah on the whole opposite coast thing!

william said...

Chris your Lost Art Series is so unbelievable!!! You are so awesome!! Im loving the non pipe art as well. Keep up the great work my friend!!!


Izaiah Umphress said...

This is what I was looking forward to knowing your so very talented family!!! What a special night for all of you, so happy we have the pictures so I can be there too!!!

Izaiah Umphress said...

and this is sara shade, we were using this site for izaiah ... great show chris, you are a true inspiration!!! Hope you and your wonderful family have a great holiday!